Marketing vice President (working place: Shenzhen Guangdong)      Now hiring!



1. To establish sales team according to the operating goals, and to set up the management system 

   and  operation  standards for sales center

2. In charge of sales center amount, returned money and profit targets as well as monitoring the

   implement process.

3. To investigate the market, search information about market demand, industry dynamics, development

   trends and price, and provide market analysis report for the reference of technological research and development.

4. To participate in the establishment of some important items such as marketing strategies and market planning

1. Male, over 35 years old, bachelor or above, no requirement for major with preference of   

   polymer professional or marketing.
2. Having experiences in marketing and management with over 8 years and experiences with same position for 3  

   years.Having the experiences in marketing or management in MPPO PC/ABSPCPAPBT,appliance market,

   anticorrosive oil pipeline engineering plastics, automobile special materials and elastomer. Especially

   having outstanding marketing ability or having achievements in other fields
3. Familiar with marketing strategies with sensitive thoughts, wisdom and ability to handle pressure
4. Great ability to communication, handle and master.


  Senior Marketing Manager (working place: Shenzhen Guangdong, Huizhou,Eastern Chinaarea)   Now hiring!



1. To achieve the sales target, returned money and profit targets set up by company.
2. To follow the key programs according to company direction, handle relationships and make sure successful implement 

   of these programs.
3. To understand the customer’s requirement, keep close communication with related department, such as customer 

   service, PMC and technology service, and make sure to resolve the customer’s service timely and efficiently.



1. Bachelor or above with major related to marketing and  polymer professional.

2. Sensitive thoughts with great ability of team work.

3. Having experience in marketing for 4 years with basic quality as a sales,and brilliant negotiation skills. Having

   rich experiences in marketing exploration and outstanding achievements in MPPOPC/ABSPCPETPAPBT engineer

   plastics and elastomer.

4. Good at English with preference of Hong Kong/Taiwanese people or those who have experiences in technology service.



  Korean Translator(working place: Dongtai,Jiangsuprovince)



1. In charge of communicating with Korean managers
2. In charge of translating technology material from Korean to Chinese
3. In charge of interpreting on site



1. Bachelor or above, both for male and female having related certificate for Korean, good at interpreting and

   translation with great ability to listen, speak, read and write Korean.
2. Having good ethics and professional accomplishment with spirit of Hard-working, loving translation and

   professional dedication
3. Familiar with office software

4. Korean is preferred 



   Mechanical and electrical engineering department manager(working place: Huizhou Guangdong, DongtaiJiangsuprovince)



1. In charge of equipment maintenance

2. In charge of equipment installation and technological transformation

3. In charge of safety management supervision and safety rectification implementation

4. In charge of daily work in department



1. Male between 30 to 45 years old with bachelor or above

2. Having experiences with same position for 3 years and familiar with all kinds of equipment structure and performance

   in plastic industry

3. Great ability to manage, lead and communicate with strong sense of responsibility.

4. Familiar with office software and CAD drawing



 Senior R&D Engineer(working place:Shenzhen Guangdong, Huizhou)



1. To make sure the ingredient and keep it optimized and improved to meet customer’s requirements.

2. To control the ingredient cost and reach the requirement about company cost.

3. To work with sales and technology service to provide services before, during and after sales.

4. To establish corresponding ingredient plan and keep it secret



1. Master degree or above with related majors such as fine chemical engineering,high polymer material and organic 


2. Having experiences of research and development in composite engineering plastics and elastomers, such as MPPO


3. Having experiences in modified engineering plastics and research and development in fine chemicals, mastering the

   development information about international new product, familiar with national related industrial policies and be

   independent in researching and developing new products and applying for the patent.

4. Preference for those who have experiences in special material PES, PEEK, high temperature material LCP, carbon fibre

   composite, and special wear-resistant self-lubricating materials.



 Technical Service Engineer (working place: Shenzhen Guangdong,Huizhou)



1. To providing on-site technological support to customers according to the requirements of customers and sales.

2. To assisting sales to know production orientation of customers, quality standard and technology conditions and

   provide professional technological inquiry and service to customers.

3. To provide scientific and professional craft production method, including module development, the production craft 

   adjustment and technological training to solve all kinds of problems during customer production professionally and


4. To solve the complaint and feedback of customers as well as research, design solution plan to satisfy customer’s


5. To establish service files in details and keep it well and be responsible for the complete customer data.



1. Male of 30 years old with Bachelor degree or above

2. Having experience with 3 years or above and familiar with the craft of injection products and related equipment   

   of molding

3. Having the knowledge of performance of engineering plastics

4. Adaptable to business trip



 Colour matching engineer( working place: Huizhou Guangdongprovince, DongtaiJiangsuprovince)



1. To provide scientific and reasonable ingredient according to color standard from customers

2. To research and develop new colors

3. To revise the color deviation timely during the production



1. College degree or above with major in high polymer material and related majors in chemical engineering

2. Related experiences for over 3 years

3. Having similar experiences in color matching for PAPPOPETABSHIPSPP



 Process engineer (working place: HuizhouGuangdongprovince, DongtaiJiangsuprovince)



1. In charge of examining the onsite production parameters

2. To detect problems during production and guide to resolve it

3. To complete tasks assigned by other leaders



1. Male with bachelor or above, especially major in chemical and polymer or graduating student

2. Mastering office software and internet knowledge

3. Ability to implement, communicate and negotiate and the spirit of responsibility and dedication



 electrical and mechanical engineer (working place: Huizhou Guangdongprovince, DongtaiJiangsuprovince)



1. In charge of installation, adjustment, production operation and maintenance

2. In charge of technological transformation and reform

3. To complete other tasks assigned by leaders



1. Male with bachelor or above, especially major in major in mechanical or related

2. Mastering office software and internet knowledge

3. Ability to implement, communicate and negotiate and the spirit of responsibility and dedication

4. Adaptable to business trip